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Guided By Spirit: Coming Home To Your Ancestors with Francisco Quintero



Date & Time

January 12th 2022,
7:00 pm 8:00 pm
(Toronto – Eastern Standard Time / Eastern Daylight Time UTC -5:00)
Hosted by: Francisco Quintero

Discover the power of connecting with your benevolent ancestors to experience greater flourishing in all areas of your life!

You are surrounded by a whole team of ancestors as you walk your path.

Not all of them are in a wise and well place to be able to support you and guide you in the ways you need…

But there are some ancestors that have lived many lifetimes on this earth, and who have reached a place of elevated spiritual wisdom.
These elevated ancestors are the ones we can call on for our highest guidance and support!

Inside this complimentary training, you’ll explore what it means to connect with your high-level ancestors…

Expanding your spiritual channels

Experiencing greater flourishing

Receiving personalized guidance and support

Planting seeds for better health, happiness, and success in 2022

Awakening the sacred gifts passed down your ancestral line

…and more.

Join us for this highly anticipated free event to discover the power and significance of cultivating relationship with your ancestors!

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