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Energize Your Spiritual Channels – Honouring Your Ancestors: 2022


Tao Center Toronto

Date & Time

January 15th 2022, 10:00 am January 16th 2022, 5:00 pm
(Toronto – Eastern Standard Time / Eastern Daylight Time UTC -5:00)
Hosted by: Francisco Quintero
Hosted by: Allan Chuck
Hosted by: Sher O’Rourke

Begin 2022 by energizing your spiritual channels to connect with your ancestors! 

Join this most awaited workshop that is offered only once a year.

Honoring our ancestors is one of the highest sacred practices on the spiritual journey. Deepen the alignment of your heart with your most important ancestors, who love you and want to offer you many special gifts. Through this deepened connection, plant the seeds for good health, happiness, flourishing and a peaceful heart for the new year. 

Expand spiritual channels to connect with your ancestors! Opening and developing the spiritual channels is a key part of nurturing this sacred connection with all your ancestors. 

At this time on Mother Earth, it is important to channel this timeless healing and wisdom from our ancestry and lineage, for blessing all life. 

In this retreat you will:

  • Enter the Tao Calligraphy Field to connect, communicate, heal and deepen your relationship with your ancestors.
  • Open or develop your spiritual channels further, and learn how to regularly communicate with your most important ancestors. 
  • Learn who one of your most important ancestors is and how they bless your life. You will have the opportunity to register for a 15-minute personal reading on the significance of this relationship.
  • Experience Tao Calligraphy Field light and healing for realizing best potential.
  • Prepare yourself for 2022 by deepening your gratitude and love for these special relationships.

Join us to be in the field of greatest light that will nourish your heart, soul, and spiritual channels to guide your life in 2022.

Regular Registration Senior OR Student Registration