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Shi Fu Training Program


Tao Center Toronto

Date & Time

November 18th 2021, 6:00 pm November 29th 2021, 7:30 pm
(Toronto – Eastern Time UTC -5:00)
Hosted by: Francisco Quintero
Hosted by: Sher O’Rourke
Hosted by: Allan Chuck

A 10 Day Intensive to Connect with Your Dedicated Spiritual Father or Mother to Receive High-Level Guidance.


Master Sha Tao Centre Toronto is facilitating the incredibly sacred, Shi Fu Training – an advanced spiritual intensive to connect with your spiritual father or mother to receive high-level wisdom, messages, and guidance.

This is a rare opportunity to cultivate a sacred divine relationship and understand your own soul journey, life purpose, and life lessons in a profound way.

A Shi Fu is a spiritual father or mother who you’re deeply connected with on a heart and soul level. 

Think of your Shi Fu like a dedicated spiritual guide who can bless, transform, and support your life in a most sacred and profound way.

This is one of the most important relationships on your spiritual journey. 

When you are given a Shi Fu, it is your Shi Fu forever.

Through this intensive, you’ll make a connection with your personal Shi Fu and learn the tools to communicate with them in order to receive unique wisdom, knowledge, soul secrets, and more to help guide you in this life.

Program Dates: November 18 – November 29

  • November 18 – Welcome and Introduction
    • Thursday, 6:00-7:30pm ET – Francisco
  • November 20 & 21 – Shi Fu Workshop
    • Saturday & Sunday, 1:00-5:00pm ET – Francisco, Sher and Allan
  • November 22-26 – Daily Practice Calls with Shi Fu
    • Monday – Friday, 8:00-9:00am ET – Francisco
  • November 29 – Living a Divine Relationship with Your Shi Fu
    • Monday, 6:00-7:30pm ET – Francisco

All sessions on Zoom with recordings available for two weeks.


$1,000 CAD

If this is your first time experiencing a Shi Fu Training, welcome! You’ll receive your own personal Shi Fu, as well as the guidance you need to connect on a deep level.


  • Your Personal Shi Fu
  • The 2-day Shi Fu Workshop
  • Daily Practice Calls
  • …and more


$400 CAD

If you’ve already experienced a Shi Fu Training, you’re welcome to participate again and receive another Shi Fu to grow your spiritual team!


  • A Personal Shi Fu
  • The 2-Day Shi Fu Workshop
  • Daily Practice Calls
  • …and more
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