Thank you for the most amazing workshop. One of the most wonderful experiences in my entire workshop history! I am filled with gratitude, love and joy. The Soul Song & Dance event with Sher & Henderson was an…

Anna Gelbert October 2021
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I was really struggling with my little son who started school this year. He was unwilling to cooperate with teachers and refusing all sorts of classwork. I was very disturbed and anxious about his behaviour. During wellness boost,…

Monalisa Ganguli October 2021
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I was going through a very hard time in my life. My emotional body was weak and my mental body was exhausted. I felt like I had nowhere to turn, and that nobody would understand the existential crisis…

Alexandra Jo Hastings August 2021
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“I love the short 15 minutes Tao Healing Hands blessings and practice sessions. These sessions showed me how to ground and transform my internal heaviness and blockages in such short time. I have a busy schedule every day,…

Fiona Fok July 2021
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“I have been experiencing frequent urination at night time for several years. This problem increased over the past several years and during this year it caused disturbance to my sleep as much as 6-8 times during the night…

KP July 2021
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“I am a Tao Healing Hands Practitioner. My right knee that was injured and operated on for a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) about 40 years ago. At that time there was also a huge loss in cartilage…

Kevin Parkinson July 2021
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“My sister couldn’t breathe. She was operating on less than 75% oxygen. She was put into a coma on ventilator for 3 days. She also had high blood pressure. I offered her a Tao Healing Hands Blessing remotely.…

Dr. Nothabo Ncube July 2021
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“My friend had really bad nerve pain in the teeth, and along with very severe headache. I offered him a 15 minute Tao Healing Hand blessing. The next day, my friend reported no pain at all. Since then…

Yonah Gershator July 2021
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